Poems and Writings of REACH Clients

A selection of poems and writings created by REACH Clients

The Voice Within

So much Pain, So much Sorrow,
Hoping it will all be gone by tomorrow.

Emptiness, Darkness, I sit back in fear

As slowly I cry yet another tear.
Dwelling every day on the past,
Wondering if tomorrow I’ll have the guts to make it my last.

Constant thoughts roam through my mind,

All these thoughts are so dreadfully unkind.

How much more of this can one person take.

Screaming out inside someone help me for gods sake.

The pain, The sorrow,
Knowing that it will still be here, this time tomorrow.

Slowly pushing loved ones away,
I silently cry out for help day by day.

Passers by walk past and stare,
I lower my head as I absorb their glare.

What is it that they see ?
Each time they double turn to stare at me.

Each day I repeatedly live the same,

Each day I feel I’m going more and more insane.

Take another tablet, tells me the voice in my mind,

Trust me, remember, the doctor told you it will help you unwind.

How much longer can this possibly go on ?

Not quite sure how much longer I can stay strong.

Until that day I admitted defeat,
Slowly there I fell to my feet.
Someone Help me get the voice out of my head,

The punishment of hating myself has to stop and come to an end.

Now Here I am crying out to a stranger,

They’re offering me support and agreeing this is major.

For once it feels like someone understands,

Just sitting there listening, agreeing,  squeezing my hand.

Now here’s wishing One year on,
Hoping that this part of my life will have vanished and gone.

REACH Client

The world is moving faster now

The world is moving faster now
We’re on a changing course.
But you have helped me deal with life

You’ve been a stable force.
When I have had to follow
New directions, you were there.
When the world was hard on me
You always seemed to care.
When nothing held together
Made the slightest bit of sense
You have always helped restore
My inner confidence.
Everyone needs someone
Who’s reliable and true
Through the moment’s I’ve endured
I’m grateful there was you.
Thanks For Always Being There !

REACH Client

Her Name is Kim

I am now under part of the ‘Rape Examination Team’

People judge these words the wrong way

And can be so mean.
I prefer to shorten the term to counsellor

Does this mean I’m mad ?
Kim is her name and she explains
It’s because I feel low, down and so sad.

She’s helping me so much
It’s like she somehow sprinkles a handful of magical dust.

I love her company, her just being around,

She has a very special way, she should feel so proud.

She knows all the right words to say,

As though she were brought up and trained in this way,

Just like Christians are with ‘The Lords Prayer’.

I don’t want REACH to feel like I’m a burden,

But I know they would never feel this way,

As they treat me like I’m an extremely special person.

We have worked together as part of a team.

And over time, with their help I didn’t quite believe


Thank you Kim.
And also to all the other members of staff at REACH

For helping me through a time when I didn’t feel like it were possible to go on.

Your friendly approach, helpful advice, tender touch and welcoming company made me feel so at ease and coming to REACH were the only times I used to feel safe to leave my house.

However, with your help I feeL like I have become a more confident, less vulnerable and a more together young lady.  I finally feel like I have REACHed the road of normality and once more feel human.

I can’t thank you enough for all your kindness – it means so very much !

REACH Client

...I will never forget

….I will never forget the help and time you’ve gave me to recover and move on.

….I feel so much more in control and confidence.

….When I had lost hope you showed me a light at the end of the tunnel.

….I cannot believe that in such a short time my life has been transformed.

….What has happened will never ever go away, but you taught me hope to cope.

….Words will never be able to express how grateful I am.

….You are a truly fantastic group of people and I have never come across such friendliness and kindness from a supportive team.

….I know now that I am healing from this.

REACH Client