Self Help After Trauma

Sharing your emotions with family and friends can ease the psychological impact following the attack

Give yourself permission to react to the assault – your reactions are a normal part of healing

Counselling – You need to value and respect yourself enough to pay attention to how you feel. It is not a sign of weakness to seek someone to talk to and it can help you to pay attention how you feel. It is not a sign of weakness to seek someone to talk to and it can help you to pay attention to your feelings and reactions and to work with them as they emerge. Describing the trauma in words, spoken or written down, in drawing or recording on tape may help to ease the after effects.

Give yourself time to heal – Get adequate rest and exercise. Physical activity can relieve stress but it is also important to rest when you feel tired. Nutritious foods and drinks as well as snacks can be helpful if your eating patterns are disturbed.

Give yourself careful, loving attention – Undertake such new projects as you can comfortably and pleasantly do, avoiding impulsive changes. Try to think things through before you act as this can give you a better sense of control. Changes even good ones create stress. Too many changes can make things harder and overload you.

Recognise your strengths – Some people are surprised by what they have managed to live through. You may never have imagined that you could have survived or rebuilt your life. You may recognise a strength and resilience that you were not aware of before. You may gain new knowledge, insight and awareness; you may be clear about what is really important to you as you move on in your life.

Other survivors have said:

“I never thought I would say this, but it did get easier and everyday helps even more. In a funny way a lot of positive things have come out of the assault even though it was a horrible experience”.

“Whilst I know that my life has changed, I am determined to ensure that, if it can’t be the same, then it will be better”.

“I am no longer a victim, I am a Survivor”.